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 Natalia has over 15 years of experience in freelance illustration, as well as a summer time job at Nelvana as a Layout Artist. She worked with many different medias, from traditional painting in early 2000’s, to working with multiple different programs including Procreate and Adobe Photoshop. She illustrated a numerous number of children’s books over the past 15 years. In 2023, she also finished the 3-year Animation program at Seneca College. As an illustrator, this helped to her to understand and take my first step in the world of Animation. Prior to that, she graduated from Kharkov State Academy of Design and Fine Arts in Ukraine. Over the many years of her experience, she developed a strong understanding of color, design and tonal values. Also, Natalia  is a figurative oil painter who works in all genres.  She had her advanced artistic education which rooted in the deep  tradition of classical painting and technique.  She has also been influenced by Impressionism and by the playful, modern personal styles and rich expressive colors of artists like Marc Chagall, Franz Marc, and Paul Gaugin.  

She always carries a notebook and every day she picks up her pallet and brush or puts her pencil to paper

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